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She is only the family cat

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

She is only the family cat
and will not take sides in a sibling spat.

At first the children with their chitchat
used words better left on a welcome mat. Continue reading


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Solitary connectedness

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

A desire to render aid
with gleeful assistance reciprocated.
Trusted collaboration in drawings and melodies
staved off circling power partnerships
as concerned service and spirit unity
kept their precarious marble alliance
from tumbling into the corners
of the green filigree floor. Continue reading

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A conjuring pure

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

A command opens the door
to what is now called silenceĀ 
inside comes fulfillment
a directive
now integrating
every molecule of the realm

A choice to bring a just light
to bring a just light
a just light
just light Continue reading