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A conjuring pure

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

A command opens the door
to what is now called silence 
inside comes fulfillment
a directive
now integrating
every molecule of the realm

A choice to bring a just light
to bring a just light
a just light
just light

The message is the messenger is the message.
Sent and going
arrived and doing,
exacted and achieving,
then reporting while adjusted
to deliver a singular imperial desire

Surrounded inside such an edict
are the days’ awakenings,
generous collections
of frequencies
of knowing

They arouse limbless courage
to stand tall and take in
fists full of lightning
arms full of warmth
by stepping toward it

This, the incantation,
speaks against intense night
to dissipate silence
and starry emptiness
Such whispers are still etched
upon holy stones 
of eternity’s past

Do this to my soul!
I beseech the supremacy.
For what good is silence?
That is where you were
rebuke for isolating chaotic winds
that plunge awareness into tomorrow
only to jettison me ashore
bleeding and broken

Lightning illuminates now my measured steps
thunder echoes each purposeful heartbeat.
hope is at rest
while in motion

A conjuring pure
transmutes my form
Power alive
not for any angel’s demise
nor a chorale of discord
but for a just light
just light

Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved

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