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Real Human Skills – Face-to-Face Infiltration (ʭNaΫ₹)

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Here are the Best Behaviors to practice
in order to be considered a real “live” Human Being. 
Your orders: acclimate; hide in plain sight; and act when alerted.



Real Human Skills – Face-to-Face Infiltration (ʭNaΫ₹)

Chapter 21

Whether you are from the insect world, a mechanical refurb factory,
the Artificial Intelligence community, or just a relocated political hack,
you are the alien.  These instructions will facilitate the mission.

When funds or access or business contacts
are necessary, you may need to request assistance

Assistance comes in many forms:

  • financial  – work & credits
  • in trade  – barter
  • nutritional – organic energy replenishment
  • domestic – wearables
  • media contact – communications, and even
  • domicile protective services – shelter.

Use the following to foster a face-to-face meeting with your Human target.

ONE – The apology
Your success depends on approaching each a Human
with a greeting, followed by a clear and succinct apology.
“Hello. I am sorry to bother you. Could you tell me where Customer Service is?”
“Excuse me. Is there a grocery store close by? Oh. I can buy them here? Thank you.”

TWO – Protected areas
Humans have unwritten rules for their office spaces and their homes.
By all means use your facial muscles to make the “smile face”
without showing the “teeth” or moving the “eyebrows.”
Remember: Humans want to know why you are engaging them.
“Good day, I am Sam Comet. I need to speak to the manager about a return product.”
“My name is Jupiter Jones. We have a meeting. And, how are you today?”

THREE – Alliances
Mental map the members of the target organization who might also support your objective.
Do NOT fidget or look at your chronometer as every effort must be made to match the demeanor of each person you encounter. Make appropriate adjustments.
“How do you do, Mr. Manager? Patricia Trill. I believe we both know Randy Moneybags, the Bank officer?  He referred me to you.”
“Miz Paulson? Dan Pleiades. Yes? It is a Greek family name. Hmm Hmm.”

FOUR – Friendships
As much as possible, learn about your target
before entering their “personal space.” 
This is the Human “Physical Safe Zone.”  Share their experiences.
“I love your office (area). These your children? How sweet. I have a niece in school.”
“On the phone? Hey, that game last night! You and I could be better referees.”

FIVE – Groups
More valuable targets have more access.
They are connected through social contacts, business networks,
and clubs. Meet with your target when their friends are around.
“My calendar is tight. Can we meet for coffee, after your lunch? I can drop by the club.”
“Is there a fundraiser you’re attending? I would be happy to make a donation and we could speak without any pressures of the office?”

SIX – Accomplish the Mission
Maximize your yield with minimal effort.
When the first face-to-face opportunity develops
make sure the PROJIXAM-900 is loaded and readied.
Make the injection just behind the left ear for quick envelopment.
The Gemz-Anifan + Aloe solution gives complete control over your Human target.
“This place is beautiful! Thank you for inviting me. You are too kind (sprink).”
“Wow, how nice this all is. My! (sprink)There was something on your shoulder.”

SEVEN – Gratefulness
Being a grateful guest will put at ease all those in attendance.
“I had a lovely time, but I gotta meeting in the next three hours (coded activation message). May I call you later (nods head up and down)?  Good, I will.”

The Success of your Mission is important to us. Whether you are being paid in Quatloos or Bitcoin, your carefully crafted conversations will throw suspicion away from you until your Exfiltration. 

We hope to have a continuing and mutually productive relationship with you until your next Infiltration.

ʭNaΫ₹ Instr32288045ʭʭ – 448*743[qn]ΔΔʭ

Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved

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