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Keep working at it

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Look here. I work so hard and I care so much. I deserve better.

“They owe me”

  • for spending long hours ‘getting it right’
  • for being on time
  • for remembering all colleagues’ birthdays
  • for leading the team at the company
  •  for loving my partner more than I am loved
  • for donating to hungry children
  • for helping out at my child’s school

Don’t they owe me a few extra minutes for lunch?
How about a higher priced dinner on the expense account?
A couple of days off to be a helicopter parent?
Is it my fault they didn’t charge me for those clothes or those food items?

“This isn’t fair”

  • because I am dedicated to the corporate goals
  • because I am the parent who earns the money
  • because I always let other drivers into my lane
  • because I have impeccable manners
  • because I pay my bills on time
  • because I clean their house every weekend
  • because I wash their dishes every night

So, I should get all the free samples of food I want?
So, I should have the same lucky breaks the person in front of me?
So, somebody else should get the emergency phone calls late at night?
So, I should be happy for the person who got the leadership role?

“But I deserve more”

Every day I give my all;
every night I carry the ball;
every person gets my sympathy;
every Sunday I give charitably.

Therefore, I deserve to get special attention,
and get fawning conversation,
and get interesting expression,
and be free from depression,
and have no more incisions,
and be protected from derisions.

And this?  This is not even the Long List.

If you really want:

Respect – you keep reciprocating it.
Companionship – keep acting kindly.
Relationship – keep compromising blindly.
Fame – keep acting humbly
Haters – keep acting grumbly
Forgiveness – keep asking for it while you
keep CHANGING your ways.
Sobriety – you keep yearning for it.
Work – you keep learning to do it.
Love – you keep giving it.

“We will either find a way, or make one.”
                                         ~ Hannibal Barca
Punic military commander who marched an army and several herds of war elephants
from Spain over the Pyrenees mountains and the Alps into the heart of Italy.

Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved

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