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WE the People

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

The only positive thing humans have ever contributed to Earth history which has value is the formation of the United States of America. In G_d’s eyes, we all fall short of the Glory, and yet, the USA is the greatest nation on the planet.

Remember THESE words of the Preamble of our beloved US Constitution when you pray for the lost loved ones of 9-11.
They are here in their original transcription with my translations in

The Constitution of the United States:

Sept 10, 2001

September 10, 2001



We the People
of the United States,
in Order to form a more perfect Union,

establish Justice,
insure domestic Tranquility,
provide for the common defence,
promote the general Welfare,

and secure the Blessings of Liberty
to ourselves and our Posterity,

do ordain and establish this Constitution
for the United States of America.


maH nuvpu’
tay’ Sep.

pa’ ‘e’ ra’ vI’Iprup pup DIvI’ chenmoH
ruv cher
juH Dachegh roj qaS chenmoH
DuHIvDI’ Hoch rewbe’ Hub.
yIntaHvIS Sa’ QaQ num.

‘ej muSonmeH lurDechvaD ngaQ
Hoch wIta’pu’ ‘ej nuq ‘oH.

ordain ‘ej jan qum cher
‘amerI’qa’ SepjIjQa’.


Nos plebem
de Civitatibvs Ivnctas,
in ad perfectiorem vnionem constitvite,

ivstitiam facimvs,
domesticam pacem cvramvs,
pvblicae defensionem commvnem providemvs,
praesidivm civivm promoveremvs,

et bonae libertatiem obtenemvs
ad nobis ac posteris nostris,

ordinamvs et statvimvs in hvivs Constitvtionis
Civitatvm Foederatarvm Americae.

Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved

Author: SpindoctorUSA

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