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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

I receive an all-embracing smile.
By the numbers, each crease on her lips
touches the catholic man within.

I disregard all that she and I have in common.
Her joy brings a comprehensive response out of me.

It was customary to be gentleman long ago
in this ecumenical situation.

Despite having established
that we are not so familiar.
Nothing is fashionable any more with courtesies.

Not in style to show good manners?
Not in vogue to be a gentleman?

Every influential gesture is
my main focus when dealing with
a female . . . uh . . .  operative.

Our ordinary encounter
will no doubt become a popular
and predominant report on social media
which is predominating our lives.

As of yet, my indiscretion goes unnoticed.

I am the principal of an axis of a conic.
There is a rampant lack of interaction.

So? I ignored the regnant custom of merely walking ahead.
I see that she hates the regular method.
Our encounter is rife with sexual overtones.

I could not stop myself, so that ruling
set of protocols
for holding steady an open door
should not be judged as sweeping gender chauvinism.

It is my display of universal respect.

What is usual these days, when offering kindness,
is getting a widespread lack of a “thank you” each time.

Still, she looks me in the eye and appreciates me.
I tell her I was glad to do it.
The worldwide expectation of acting with manners is fading away.

Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved

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