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Our little secret

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Something good happened today,
so, he wrote her this note:

“I was working hard at my job
and there were times that I misspoke.
There was forgiveness to be gotten
but I asked the wrong entity.

“I have been neglecting to be kinder
and so engrossed in my own journey.”

She read the note with a smile,
although it was fifty years old.
It was a letter from her father –
in his youth, he was so bold.

A message to his girlfriend,
the one he hoped to wed.
A declaration of sorts
to let love take them where it led:

“I’ve taken your advice to do something fun.
and so many other things to do now.
There’s a list to memorize.
It is no hardship, not to vow.

“I wake in the morning and use my arms and legs
I say please and thank you to all I meet.
So many people hope for a kind word.
I give thanks to those I greet.

“When in the quietest moments,
the breaths I take are few.
At work I concentrate on work
At home I concentrate on you.

“I live in the moment.
The truth is what I seek.
When someone talks to me I ask for more
and don’t just wait my turn to speak.”Gma

The letter ended with affection.
She wondered about her own future fan.
She visited dear grandmother
to ask what she should know about a man
who would love her and her passions
with all the gusto that she shows.

Grandmother said, “a man is simple.
He just wants you to know he knows.

“When you ask him to help, he’ll help you.
There’s no hinting like being direct.
If you are happy when he is happy,
you must invite him to reflect

“on all the power in his body
and all the good that he could do
if he would just speak to you softly
then you can share a life for two.”

She smiled and laughed with her grandmother
who said beware for time flies by.

“This will be our little secret.
When you see him, give it a try.”


Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved

Author: SpindoctorUSA

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