Individuality’s prevailing current

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

I receive an all-embracing smile.
By the numbers, each crease on her lips
touches the catholic man within.

I disregard all that she and I have in common.
Her joy brings a comprehensive response out of me. Continue reading

Our Gold Standard

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

So much pressure to be Number One
A lifetime must be invested in the craft.

It’s the game,
the time coordination,
and that expensive diet regimen.

Need to rest and recover?

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Four right opinions

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Is there such a thing as a right opinion?

From history we know this:

Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus (“The Wise“),
Emperor of the Roman Empire
from 161 A.D. until his death in 180 A.D.,
was the last of the Five Good Emperors

He’s a little bit country and a whole lot of rock and roll. Continue reading

Our little secret

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Something good happened today,
so, he wrote her this note:

“I was working hard at my job
and there were times that I misspoke.
There was forgiveness to be gotten
but I asked the wrong entity. Continue reading

The only way to inherit the Earth

By Lawrence J. J. Leonard

There is a specific Holy Scripture that is an eyewitness account
of what Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, said to a large gathering in Galilee
which came from Syria and Judea:

 “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.”
~Matthew 5:3

Then, He throws a curve by adding: Continue reading