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All poems by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Galveston sand dunes

A jog away from the choppy waves
and foamy swaths of excited bubbles
tumbling in from high tide
stands the overlook of rippled dunes.

They wear wild grass reeds
as the breeze flies past, making them whistle,
a tune much louder than the splash
of old and young testing the water’s coolness.

Faint are the sea bird cheers for fishy morsels
up here above the mix of excitement.
Up here a mellow pulse slips over the ears.

No other place on Earth can offer
the gentle grains of a bleached white recline
to view a clear sky and the purple sea
as quietly as Galveston sand dunes.


Hold me closer

Hold me close. Hold me closer,
Every moment is calming and thrilling.
Your arms protect me.

When the weight of the world is upon me,
your arms comfort me.

Hold me close. Hold me closer.
Time can separate us.
I rest in the memory of your embrace.

Distance is a state of mind.
I think of you every day.


It’s no secret

It’s no secret
what I share with you in the dark.
Life’s expectations dig
into my shoulders a deep, deep mark.

Take my insight
and understand more.
Nobody knows the truth
as well as you, mi amor.

In your imagination
yet another scene unfolds.
The plot ever building
with a twist so bold.

You rest your hand on mine
and hold me to your breast.
Encouraging my persistence
by morning, again, to give my best.


With bells on

Tinkle, ding, clang and gong
you will hear me
coming to you with bells on.

My feet march to the beat
of my own drum
and every step says your name.

I have never been one to play
second fiddle or the fool.
Be prepared to face the music.

Chime in when you can
to trumpet your success,
but this is our swan song.


Them blues

I got them blues crashing down
should have left them downtown.
Too much sad for only one man.
Give my spirit a kick in the can.
All it leaves is a footprint on me
Don’t expect no pity.

When I was on stage I left with a bang.
You shoulda heard the crowd when I sang.
But just minutes away I was shooting the dice
and my luck was so bad – I lost twice.
Now I’m all upside down with this bump on my head
makes me thankful that I am not dead.

I got them blues,
slow rag time blues.

There’s a scratch and a creak as I open the door
and so much I gotta answer for.
My baby is crying for change and a bottle.
The sitter’s surprised and says that I got till
midnight unless I want her to stay
Glad I already gave her her pay.

I got them blues,
slow rag time blues.

Nobody can help me now.

The missus left me for the winner.
Still, I feel like I am the sinner.
Should never bet with the baby’s dinner
’cause it is destined to lose.
and that’s why I got the blues.

I got them blues,
slow rag time blues.

Nobody can help me now.

I gambled away
my good love and payday

Nobody can help me now.

Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved.

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