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Poetry in flavors

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All poems by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

The lace above her eyes

The lace above her eyes
vibrates like honey;
Casting no shadows as he
bends to one knee.

The dawn engulfs these early birds
as she displays her gown.
Her eyes are wide, her mouth curls,
while he removes his crown.

No sound more tender
than his earnest invitation,
No words more sweetly spoken
than her ‘yes’ in excitation.


Coy boy

Quiet feet are still
in the hall today;
Gentle fingers clutch
the door way.

Silently walking to his bed
as he rubs his face.

This newly found adventure
no match for the daily pace.

When he is jumping about
and spilling some books;
Energies abounding
draw sharp looks.

So, too when he’s calm,
what dangers may be?

Now he is napping.
Just enough time for tea.


Dreamland travel agent

Dreamland travel agent
look in my eyes.
I need fun in the sun,
and rest for these eyes.

Hasten westward to walk
the Pacific isles.

Pineapple breakfasts with
coconut vials.

The breeze on your shoulder
will caress your eyes.
Tranquil the days
while night pillows your eyes.


Knock at the door

A knock at the door and a visitor
late last night appeared,
While I was reading a book,
first startled and feared.

Would it be a neighbor in need
begging aid or favors?
Open doors reveal my love
holding dessert and choice flavors.


Meandering creek

Meandering creek weaves a path,
twisting to its own song,
crooked as a vine crawling up a fence.
Pebbles move along
downstream overtaking the sand
forming a guppie throng.

The water has cut a deep channel.
Here the bank is high.

Soon winter brings its piles of snow
and no one can pass by.

Autumn leaves brightly flash a warning
to expect an oversupply.

Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved.

Author: SpindoctorUSA

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