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Got Get?

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

How exciting is your conversation?
Don’t put people to sleep. Cause them to ask for more
details when you tell your side of the story.

Reading, speaking and expressing yourself in American English
can be a most exciting time in life.

Common phrases only begin a conversation.
Open doors to your own creativity by using expressions with get.

Below is an expansive list of  get  phrases.

They are in the present tense unless better expressed in another tense or form.

Infinitive — to get;
Verb (used with a direct object);
Forms (present and past) — gets, got or gotten;
Participle / gerundive — getting.

Definition — to receive or come to have possession, use, or enjoyment of.


get above it  — take control

get after it  —  to accomplish a task with enthusiasm

get all _____ (adjective) — to become (happy, sad, annoyed, etc.)

get at — to reach out and contact someone; also to hurt someone


get back! — Careful!; also Mind your own business!

get bent! — Go away!; also (vulgar) Go f*** yourself!

get blasted — to be highly inebriated or drunk in a sloppy way

get bottlenecked — to become diverted from a plan of action because of a previous obligation or a force that is out of one’s control

get busted — to be found out; to pay a penalty; or to go to jail

get busy — Begin; also To show affection or become amorous

got back — (someone) with a prominent or curvy posterior / round buttocks

got the business — was treated unfairly


get cornered — forced to do something or admit something that was a secret

get cracking! — Hurry up!

get the call — to be nominated / conscripted / ordered to work.


get down — Good for you!; also to be intensely affectionate

get down on it — to take control of something with focus; also [with a persongot down on him/ her — to be upset with someone /  take someone to task

get delivered — to be freed from an obligation, debt, or penalty; also to be changed from a dishonest person to an honest person


get equal — to stop suffering because another has an unfair advantage

get even — to take revenge


get fingered — to be accused of a crime; also (vulgar) to have been touched sexually [female] so as to cause arousal

get funky — to become damatically enthusiastic

got the finger — told to leave; also literally to get a finger gesture considered vulgar or an insult as another departs or leaves your presence


get going! — Faster!; also Do your job!; also LEAVE!

get gone — to disappear

get (my/ your) groove on — to do something enjoyable

get gunned down — to be humiliated; also to be shot with a weapon

getting it — being lucid and understanding what is going on; also (vulgar) having sex on
a regular basis

The get — the purpose or the ultimately successful outcome


get handsy — show unwanted physical affection with excessive touching

get happy — to force onesself to be agreeable

get him / her — STOP!; also to detain someone

get hitched — get married


get in touch — to contact

get into him / her — to become fascinated or enamored with someone

get into it — to enjoy something

get it? — Understand?

get it — to acquire something or accomplish a task

get it on — to become sexually engaged; also to fight

get it up — (vulgar) to have an erection; also take on a difficult task with determination

got it! — Yes!

got it — to be punished


get jammed — to be stuck, delayed or hurt

get jamming — to perform music that is appreciated

get jerked around — lied to, diverted unnecessarily or treated unkindly

get jiggy (with it) — {ask Will Smith} to engage in a blissful way

get jumped — was attacked and robbed

get jumped in — to be initiated (into a gang or group) in a violent way


get kicked — to be rejected

get knocked up — to become pregnant


get like this — [with hand gestures or facial expressions] to become or transform into the person or position being demonstrated.

get like this — [without any non-verbal cues] to be in poor condition

get lost — Go away!; also become confused


get manhandled — to be physically pushed around

get mine — to seek out and achieve one’s goals

get misty eyed — to cry or be sad

get mobile — to drive away or leave


get nasty — to speak with irreverence or disrespect

got nasty — unbearable or out of control

get nickel and dimed — pestered with continuous fees / demands for money


get on par with — to reach a state of equality and fairness

get on your feet — Stand up!; also to become financially solvent; also to move out of the way and be attentive

get out from under it – free oneself from the obligation /debt

get over it! — Stop being disagreeable!

get over it — to forgive and forget someone or something

get over on (someone) — to fool someone

got outdone — bested or defeated


get palsy — to act as if the people one is with are long-time friends

get pushed around — to lose one’s freedom

get plowed — to be extremely drunk; also (vulgar) to have had sex with a man

get promised — to have a steady boy or girlfriend who intends seeks marriage


get quiet! — Shut up!


get read the riot act — to be specifically told what is acceptable behavior

get ripped off — to have had something lost or stolen

get (my/ your) rocks off — (vulgar) sexually satisfied [male] by someone or something

get rode hard and put up wet — employed/ used/ taken advantage of, and then ignored


get screwed — to have had something taken away; also (vulgar) get laid — having had intercourse without any deep feeling or regard for the partner(s).

get short changed — dealt with dishonestly

get small — to be under the influence of an intoxicant

get stepping — Leave!; also to turn around and go away

got shook up — was scared


get totaled — be falling down drunk

get trounced — suffer a humiliating loss

get told off — was verbally reprimanded


get under the gun — have to meet a tight deadline

get up — to awaken and get out of bed.

got under — failed

got under it — took on an impossible obligation


get the VIP treatment — to be catered to and given caring attention

get volun-told — to have a superior order you to take on a task that you would not volunteer for yourself


get well! — Here is hoping you feel better!

get wet — (vulgar) to become sexually excited

get wild — to act in an uninhibited way

get with it — to continue working hard

got wooed — having had a potential [usually male] mate lavish attention on you


get x-ed — killed

get x-rayed — to be diagnosed by a doctor

got x-rayed — manhandled by the TSA (US Transportation Safety Administration)


get yanked — to be fired or removed from a contributing position

got yanked around — treated as an object

get yours — for someone to acquire what they think is rightfully theirs


get zapped — to be electrically shocked

get zipped up — to be prevented from talking

get zonked — to be drunk and loud

get the zotz — to be shot dead (with a machine gun)


Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved

Author: SpindoctorUSA

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