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Sweet and sour

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

With each down there is an up
as Fall rises in every cup.

Before with worry for the everafter
is tomorrow’s chore, was yesterday’s laughter.

Life is a sprinkle of bad and good.
Grab a ton! Don’t just wish you could.

Orange and purple and green shine bright
when in the black, so many nights white.

Sweet red ink flows in a world of spend.
Only love chases blue to a bitter end.

A hot tip from the rich: to buy gold.
But it’s poor company and stone cold.

Align yourself with people who pray
for without a purpose you’ll curse each day.

Political drums squeeze the mind to full jelly.
Soothe more hearts – fill the empty belly.

Few will trust you, so best beware.
Opinions count only when friends care.

Always young Kings and Queens on TV rage.
They were never happy says this old sage.

Put your best foot forward and take a step.
Without a limb? Generate mental pep.

Sitting back, relaxing as others drive?
Better to “walk the talk” and so be alive!

Customs, creeds, and casserole dishes
cause us to dream and inspire our wishes.

Each country’s fare explains life when we sup
while Sweet and Sour best sums it up.

Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

Author: SpindoctorUSA

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