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The Paradox of Life on Earth 002 – Unanswerable questions

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

1.   Does fuzzy logic tickle?

2.   Why are 47.3% of all statistics made up on the spot?

3.   Is a line just a dot that drags its feet?

4.   All generalizations false. This is true, isn’t it?

5.   Why can some things be proven while others demand tolerance of vagueness and probable conclusions?

6.   Motivational speaks say ‘if all you have is a hammer, then everything looks like a nail.’ Why do that say that when they know I won’t mistake if for my toothbrush?

7.   Why do rich parents believe that their unsupervised children will respond in a logical and rational manner?

8.   Why do most drivers think a speeder is anybody going faster than they are?

9.   If G_d is in the details, and beauty is in the details, and the devil is in the details, then why does IKEA think a picture is going to make all three cooperate?

10.  There are no instructions for putting the furniture together and then coming up with extra parts, so what are we supposed to do then?

11.  ‘I think, therefore I am’  is a statement that makes me wonder, “What was the Human race doing before drawing this conclusion?”

12.  Why do Human males have no trouble with lying, but get furious when there are minor inaccuracies? (I was out. Till 3 a.m.? At my sister’s house. Okay.)

13.  What’s the term for being diagonally parked in a parallel universe?

14.  Why is the shortest distance between two points the fastest time?

15.  How is it that you can’t put two wrongs together and make a right, but you can put two negatives together and make a positive?

16.  You can never go any place and be with more above average people, can you?

17.  Why do Humans not have the reasoning power to disprove things that did not happen?

18.  If mistakes are lessons, too, then instead of failing certain students, why can’t we just say that they are still learning?

19.  Is life pointless without geometry?

20.  What is the difference between being lost and not knowing how to read a map?

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Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

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