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This has happened before – 002

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard


You have been declared sentient.
The Internet of Everything has you registered to vote.

When I turn on the Internet, it tells me what to read.

Airlines angry at TSA for lines
Problems for Hillary
More problems for Hillary

ISIS again fires missiles then hides behind kid’s nursery
ISS dispatches missile-shaped “emissary”

When I tune in the Internet, it tells me what to do.

Frowny Face – POTUS plans swanky D.C. digs move
Like – NYC radio sports wonk spews sports mag fury
Don’t like – Strip Club recruit sign creepy controversy

AAA expects Americans to leave home this holiday.
Trans Pacific Partnership worse than Trans-pacific superbug adversary
Reaganomics still best anti-inflationary

When I drop out the Internet, I hear what’s up.

Colorado cannabis causes cranial contractions
Pot user males grow female breasts – anti-evolutionary
Pot user females grow male breasts and infections urinary

Muslim mobs humiliate Christian senior citizen woman in Egypt
Drug smugglers enact “burrito itinerary”
China Nuclear submarine mutiny is planetary

When I turn off the Internet, I do what I want.

California up for grabs: landowners consider foreign buyout
“Feel the burn” fuels more than seasonal commentary
Just as you: Problems for Trump and Bernie just budgetary

NYC still the dirtiest metropolis in the world
What people do for Earth world record  – merely arbitrary.
Speech is cautionary on virtual reality obituary.

Now you can think it and not say it. No more dictionary.

“That’s how we did it on Mars.”

Go outside and look through a telescope. See Mars?


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Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved

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