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Kitchen color commentary

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

This is where my red heart beats
as I pour out my love into our meals
using the techniques of a seasoned chef
with the spirit of a bloodied prize fighter
who wants to knock out your taste buds.

There are all kinds of colors in this kitchen,
on the floors, the walls, the doors and the ceiling.

The oldest are dark and hazy grays that halo
the switches of lights, garbage disposal, and fans.

Others, phantom cobwebs pulsating by the vent
to the beat of sweet cool air rushing down upon us.

The morning sun egg splatter from a hurried breakfast
lying languid across the black iridescent gas grate
was baked to a farmworker brown
when the pastel pink tea kettle finally whistled.

High above the cacophonies that produce flavor harmony
is a ceiling crevice dotted a spicy red
from an exploded glass container of General Tso Sauce
that was knocked off of a pantry shelf.

Sound and Color!

This kitchen was cleaned three times
but it still shimmers with errant glass shards
and a mysterious tinge of smoky soy and chalky chili paste.

The intense olive splatter on the milky white cutting board
where Romaine lettuce, Parsely leaves, and chives were julienned
reminds me that we need a new cutting board.

A drop of Malbec wine makes a perfect purple passion descent
down the midnight green bottle onto the orange walnut table,
spinning its life away around the heel to the base.

Boxed wine just does not have that same kind of soul!

This kitchen needs a bolder look.
We should Lemon Zest the cabinet doors and trim
using this new shiny purple bristle paintbrush.

When it’s finished and the dried drips are scrapped up
only to leave ghost rings in the white grout between the travertine tiles,
this part of the house will be a sparkling Easter egg,
with turquoise knob accents,
and brushed aluminum appliances.

There will be all kinds of colors in this kitchen,
and the best will be in the cups and on the plates.

Here I will get back to the crushing of pungent garlic cloves
with my silver handled cleaver,
stirring up an heirloom tomato and oregano sauce,
adding Texas pecans and formaggio Parmigiano
to cover the steamy Farfalle pasta.

Si prega di entrare in cucina, donna bella.

Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved

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