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An unreasonable facsimile

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Always on. Electronic reminderlings.
Hear the alerts and notices?
Now the tones of contacts in the air – not callers.

‘Called to speak with you.’
‘Just text me.’

Awash in pads and clipboards,
and cloned personal digital assistants
incapable of keeping things ‘real.’

‘Got an AI assistant and a list of directions.’
‘I’m just so busy.’

During the evolution of darkberrys into phones
then high resolution cameras,
we suffer virtual amnesia about beepers.

‘Wanted to see you soon as possible.’
‘I’ve got to check my calendar.’

Ones and zeroes – the binary font of life.
The white net, the dark net, the inter net
of Every Thing.

‘Can we schedule some face time?”
‘I’ve got a device that -“
‘No. Real faces? Nose to nose.’
‘I’m free Wednesday at 11:30.’

Cluttered memories on videotape,
ironically sold to a book store.

‘So we can catch up and have lunch?’
‘Got a one o’clock with the investors.’
‘I can bring with me your favorite food.’
‘Trying that vegan cleanse thing this month.’

Lions and tigers ‘no intendo.’
The ‘say gah’ games we used to play?

‘It’s been so long.’
‘I know, I . . .wait. Hold a sec.’
‘Are you there?’
‘Gosh! Can we reschedule?’

The pay phone is now on the milk carton.
Film cameras are in the museums.

‘Your cloud has no silver lining, 
so I’m gonna cozy up to my robot,
and it is an unreasonable facsimile
of you.’

Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved

Author: SpindoctorUSA

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