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Hungry hungry Hippolytus

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Hippolytus was the mythological child of Prince Theseus – the original gangster adrenaline junkie.  Hippolytus was nothing like dear old dad.

He lived a life of focus and determination.  He swore off drinking, sex, and,
according to the highly honored German mythologist Edith Hamilton,
excessive eating and sedentary living.

Hippolytus had a hero, a princess of Olympus, Artemis.
She was the vigilant preserver of the wooded grounds of Earth,
and more importantly the hunt.
For Hippolytus, this was his discipleship: to live ever-ready to survive the woods.

He was a country boy!
Hank Williams Jr. said it best, “A country boy can survive.”

We can be just as vigilant about what we eat as Hippolytus was,
without all the false accusations from an unreasonable step-parent (Phaedra)
or conniving from a spurned admirer (Aphrodite).

Liking and not liking certain food is a cultural habit.
Some we like for energy and some for comfort.
Choosing to like and not like certain foods is a real survival trait.

Every county boy and girl love sweet things, and some too much.
Living a healthy lifestyle means we not only know the difference
between $%^! and Shinola, we also choose wisely.

Regular soda pop provides empty calories.
Drink on special occasions – the days you go barefooted outside.

High fructose corn syrup (HFCS – a cheap by-product of corn)
is the main ingredient in soda pop, not water.

HFCS can add 35 pounds (17 kilos) to your weight in a year
by frustrating your normal insulin levels. 

Here are foods with HFCS,
that cheap money-saving sweetener which makes farm animals fat:

  1. Frozen meats
  2. Fast Food bread (buns, fried coatings, muffins)
  3. Store shelf Jam and Jelly
  4. Store shelf cake mix
  5. Salted or Smoked nuts in a can
  6. Breakfast cereals.
  7. Candy that is fun size and regular size
  8. Sweet Pickles
  9. Store shelf pudding mix
  10. Corn syrup!  Yes, even this has HFCS mixed in! 
  11. Store bought Breads and bread mix
  12. Store boxed Pastas made with enriched wheat flour 
  13. Soft drinks, colas carbonated beverages: especially Coke, Pepsi, Mountain Dew.
  14. Snack items with enriched flour as the main ingredient
  15. Canned fruits in heavy syrup and/or with added sugar
  16. Potato chips
  17. Buttered or Flavored Popcorn
  18. 99.9% of all factory made Cookies
  19. 89.9% of all Store bought Ice cream

The combination of sugars and salts in pre-packaged snack foods
make regular mortals crave more to eat,
and the companies which make these foods
understand this formula
and use it to make a profit
not provide nutrition for human bodies. 

Thirsty? Wine is “refined” fruit juice, pure concentrated fructose (plant sugar).
Drinking it every day causes a rise in your normal insulin levels.

Beer is liquid bread which increases appetite and decreases mental activity.
Hard liquor does this more quickly.

Fried chicken between two pieces of bread
is an oily bread sandwich with just a hint of chicken.

Bread is great for growing children and underweight seniors.
A fresh bread maker turns wheat, barley, rye, and oats into nutrition.

Remember that time when Hippolytus drank water from the mountain stream?

D –  Is it okay to drink water from a public pool?
F –  No! It has chlorine in it.
D –  So, why use sucrose (cane sugar) which has been bonded with chlorine
= Sucralose?

Diet drinks, low calorie beverages, and sugar free foods are made with sugar substitutes DESIGNED FOR people with diabetes.

Ingest sugar substitute foods and drinks.

Models don’t drink diet drinks.
They smoke.

Drinking water with nothing added and/or
drinking vegetable juices with no extra chemicals
can help reduce weight and  improve skin conditions.

Eat! Drink!
For today our clog our arteries!

Processed foods have removed all the healthful nutrients
and replaced them with sugars: sucrose (cane sugar), corn syrup,
and hydrogenated oils that cannot be digested easily
and salts: sodium, potassium, and magnesium. 

Echo: the companies which make these foods
understand this formula
and use it to make a profit
not provide nutrition for human bodies.

W- Whole wheat or Multi-grain or White?
N- Only “WHOLE GRAIN” products are nutritious.

All this to say, there is a way to avoid being mortally wounded
by the snares of false advertising: READ THE LABEL.

Hippolytus would say, if he were here today,
just what a bummer it is when people get their facts wrong.

In her suicide letter Phaedra mislabeled her step-son as a fame-seeking thug who caused her to want to take her own life.

Quite to the contrary, Hippolytus was the ultimate Park Ranger
and conservationist, more like a monk.

Because Theseus believed Phaedra’s letter, he cursed his son
and asked Poseidon to fulfill the curse. 

A monstrous sea creature splashed upon the shore to kill Hippolytus,
but his chariot horses reared back and bolted.

Hippolytus crashed to the ground, mortally wounded.
Artemis came to his side and comforted his dying.

Theseus, defender of the defenseless, the marshal of Athens, protector of slaves, believed the hype.

Don’t believe the hype.
Read the label.

Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved.

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