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What she is looking for

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

In the morning for the hand
that caressed her in the night,

in the bathroom for the voice of reassurance,

in the hallway for the echo of the needs wants and fears,

in the den for the sounds of coming nearer,

in the kitchen for the laughter and the caution
and the fullness of partnership,

in the laundry room for the clicks into the washing machine,

in the garage for the reminder of a love that will return
and the hopes that all that’s holy will protect it,

that is what she is looking for.

On the fridge for the notes of subtle expressions of desire

on the phone for the voice that calls to arrivals

on the computer for the message that the work is not so dear
but, that time to come home is more important

on the radio for the personality that is kindly as a grandpa
giving advice and spreading calm and understanding,

on the TV where yet another life is taken for the truth,

on the printed page, a newspaper headline with a positive message
and the articles that reveal the overcomer,

on the horizon, as the sun seems to move, more vibrant colors,

that is what she is looking for.

By the clock for the photo of the happiest of times,

by the back door for the shoes that are worn to go outside
to water the plants on the porch when there’s no rain,

by the curb for the old folks who make their daily walks,

by the corner for the stop sign which commands that drivers
yield to the children crossing over to the playground,

by the Power for the Angels who attend the coming blessed King,

by the prayers for all the answers to the suffering in this life
even when those pains seem small by comparison,

by the look on love’s face for the unending care and passion and courage and gentleness,

that is what she is looking for.

Through the changes that were made for the knowledge of being right
even though it seems like no one is listening,

through the constant reminders for some hint of ‘getting it’

through the jobs and the tasks and the helping hands she gives
for someone to tell her she is precious,

through the ups and the downs for just getting through the day,

through the anger and the tears for their ending very soon
because love is never on time,

through the looking glass for the reflection of someone she can admire,

through the plans that this entire dream can come true for if so, God loves her,
that is is what she is looking for.

Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved.

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