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Responsibly grown?

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

I heard the woman say you are what you eat.
But in this day and age, I’m an organic freak?

She said, “Read the ingredients on each label.”
I can’t pronounce that, so I think I’m in hell.

The very same thing with that guy with the beard
on some morning show with the weather girl weird,
directed me to peep the back of the can:
Taurine, malic acid, “L” Tyrosine. Man!
Niacin, and B-Six – a chemistry kit . . .

Folic acid, ‘Coline, Phenylalanine
Know what I mean? I’m gonna scream.
Glucuro – no
-lactone. Oh!
And a dash of caffeine for my breakfast scene.

This ain’t just growing in nature. It’s drug nomenclature.
Food is in danger because somebody ate your
fresh baked natural whey.

The home chef is compleat, but goes into a rage
to fight the boutiques.

They sell natural foods all day for the table,
but they cut out fat. Now the heart starts to swell.

We’re living the food myth of science revered.
Yes, now we all know why their lies have adhered.

We WANT to believe that all farms just began:
no bugs, no toxins in American land,
Fresh eggs and baby chicks. So why you got fits?

‘Responsibly grown’ are all of these greens.
Like Wild caught shrimp?
High dose Iodine.
They have to show, don’t you know,
‘hand -made or machine. Zero protein.’

‘Responsibly grown’ – a faker, like ‘natural flavor.’
Why no legislature to clean up this failure
of food industry stray, of hormones in our meat?
When parents disengage we get slapped on our cheeks.

Most food is natural. Not all is edible.
Sugar is one rat, hydrogenated jell,
no good shortening herewith,
for a bagel smeared.
More than five ingredients? Learn to steer clear.

But is organic is different?  Just like in Spokane,
skirting the law with irradiated sand?

Not like a fast food fix, but smell this armpit.
Fertilizers from an animal latrine.
Get a shovel and stand downstream.
When people go, plants will grow!
Natural, not clean (but it makes things green).

‘Responsibly grown’ – each acre?
No way good. And not pure!
Grow your own, Savior.
Buy processed foods later.

Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved.

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