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Ghost talk

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

She saw the flashing lights,
a signal and a reminder,
the beings of Light were about to appear.

Their presence felt, she turned around and wondered
why so much fuss over a point of contact.
Because of their casual use of technology?

Were they alien or Alien?
This world will never know about her ghost talk,
the sheer size or depth or breadth of their experience.

They weren’t  about dimensions,
or the cypher of mass and speed,
becoming her visitors, often out of boredom.

In they jumped, a light wave ridden,
splashing light into her bedroom
searching for their interesting party who is also interested.

She opened her mind but protected her heart
calling each one by name
while remembering their faces.

“So good to see you,” they learned to reply,
as each light was pulsating at a different speed,
emitting frequencies rarely shown on Earth

“Do you have need of me,
or any need at all which brings you here
in the darkness of the night?”

“We were . . .” then, hesitation.
The looks on their faces surprised her,
so similar to embarrassment and consternation.

The beings of Light altered their frequencies
and vibrated the same color 
appearing to be a rosy red.

“When you are within us, you say ‘in our minds,’
but when we are without you, you say
‘solo in placement?'”

“No,” she corrected them with a smile on her face.
“The word you are searching for is ‘lonely.'”
She told them it was a Human feeling, this separation.

They shared all their knowledge of time and healing,
of death and the moment clarity enters the mind,
and even the nature of the soul.

But, they never imagined the yearning caused
by actually missing another Human
as much as they had missed being with her.

“You see us in stars, in dogs and in trees.
We surround newborn babies and old people,
but wanting to be here of our own accord is a new . . . uh, feeling?”

Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved.

Author: SpindoctorUSA

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