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Something there

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

RV Smith (1920-2015)

When he saw her and she held him
She gave him warmth,
stronger than daybreak
When she held him and he sang a gasp
They both laughed.
Nouveau beekcake

As he wondered through crowded buildings
– some were meant for learning or teaching –
He found his desk and read the books
Someone’s eye gave sweet looks reaching

A celebration, he sent his greetings
While they were thankful for what was stated
he learned quickly that true love is
something that must be reciprocated

Emboldened by his thriving spirit
he made from lemons sweet lemonade
He learned that sometimes in the House of G_d
young love can also there be betrayed

He did his time and worked his work
Rising early to write poetry
Soon met someone who suffered his quirk
of singing and cooking as a busy bee.

And as the children grew, he loved them
They soon married and moved away
He took a seat next to his sweetheart
anticipating their final day

She was quick to feel the motion
and she lingered in her sleep
The family came and got a blessing
His grieving heart a lonely heap.

This he told me with a cracking voice
smiling in between puffs of canned air
“I never did it by my lonesome.
We’re not alone. There’s something there.”

He left this Earth so long ago
Thoughts of him make me feel whole
I think of him when comes the sunset
There’s something there. He’s in my  soul.

Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved.

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