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A “big person” conversation

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

There are only
two kinds of persons in the world,
big persons and small persons.

Here is a conversation between
two “big” persons.

BP1- Want to hear a joke?
BP2- Okay.

BP1- So, this small person walks into a bar . . .
BP2- Wait – you can seeeee them?


BP1- <stares in frustration> OMG, are you serious?
BP2- It’s just that . . . I hardly ever . . . see them. Never mind.


BP1- <shakes head in disbelief> That’s it. How big ARE you, anyway?
BP2- I’m pretty big? Go ahead. I apologize.

BP1- That’s the joke.
BP2- Wait. What? I said I was sorry

BP1- You don’t GET it? Obviously, you DON’T get it.
BP2- Go ahead and finish. I’m ready.

BP1- That WAS the joke.
BP2- Because a small person likes to drink. Okay?  I get it.


BP1- Noooo? <rolls eyes>
BP2- Wait, because suddenly they are visible. Oh! Haha.

BP1- Dude! The small person walks into a BAR. You know? Clank!?
BP2- Yeahhhh! I’d drop MY glass if a small person showed up at my bar. Ha!

BP1- I’m about to walk YOU into a bar, you blockhead.
BP2- Okay, but let’s go where there are no small persons. Loud noises distract me.


BP1- <sigh> Talk about insulated.
BP2- Great reminder! I’ll get my coat.

Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved.

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