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She was in a hurry

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

This morning was not different from any other Tuesday. She woke up to the sound of the clock radio as the morning personalities discussed the country and some strange lights in the sky.

In the back of her mind she made a note of the appearance.  The first-of-the-day priorities are coffee and litter box duty. Cats can be messy.

Maverick was winding down his play with the catnip mouse and was beginning to tire. Just enough time to dash through the shower and make headway along the interstate.

People at work were buzzing about, gawking at their phones and wristbands. Too many stops and starts.  She was in a hurry to get her work started.

Finally, the 12th floor and it was quiet this morning. Did she forget a meeting in the conference room?  Everyone was crowding around the break room. A portable TV was blaring the news. Power outages world wide.

A global ransom to be paid for the Electric Guerillas, the extortionists who wreaked havoc with the energy grids. She blurted out that some real men could find the thugs and end it all. She got stares.

As she poured some coffee and surveyed the room, there were no such men as those here.  She thought of her grandfather and his fearlessness, his ability with firearms, and his inner and outer strength. 

There were no such men as those in her neighborhood, but there were some great looking men at her church. It had been six months since she attended a service.

“Help me, God, if you exist,” she whispered to herself.

“Mary,” a voice called to her, “just slow down a bit.”

Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

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