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Should you find me

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

I find that individuality
is my experience,
not part of a collective
and very self-aware,
with no orders from a hierarchy
to search for truth.

Using senses I can touch
the soft ground we live on with my toes;
I walk on this old Earth
with feet and legs below me
and wonder if you are
a walker, swimmer or flyer.

The concept of the four dimensions
is not hard to comprehend,
as many here clearly
retrieve this reality
because the alternative is
enslavement in a dream.

This makes it all that much more important
that we all look for you
in every locale, crevice,
and in divers places,
whether you are a bacterium
or a great titan.

There are many who have dared to dream
and unearthed discoveries,
enriching lives and our
global history as well,
while others seek out the stars
in a race to command space.

Now is the time we find ourselves
hoping to uncover you from
behind a nebula
or racing to our rescue
from an unseen enemy
or a vile flaw within us.

For the scientist in me
locating another life form would
only prove our lives here
may have been an afterthought,
while not finding you out there
only makes us more alone.

As we trace our steps back
to the first protohumanoid mother;
imagine our surprise
when we detect DNA
that was mutated by
‘divine’ design for our own good?

If we are indeed a cherished species
you may have contacted
us already through our minds
but our music is loud;
we have not tuned in your voice
or signal or transmission,

I am making myself more sensitive to you
by seeking out
the quiet and
looking at the stars and hoping you
will appear and display
your intentions of nurturing.

Should you find me and determine
that I am only feed cattle,
then let my testimony show
how I deeply loved
and sought you out
even to the point of oblivion.

Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

Author: SpindoctorUSA

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