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The Mutual Benefit Formula

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

What we seem to be yelling contains baggage and innuendo.
The very nature of our lives, just one kiss from contentment.
Us – too shocked at the audacity of selfishness
Them – too concerned with not getting enough time to speak

What you seem to be doing contains nurturing overtures.
The exact moment we surrender to love is not yet here.
Me – too loud to hear my own pleadings
You – too hurt by the callousness of the tone

What it definitely is is failure to communicate.
Nobody wants to have a conversation.
I – hide my heart so as not to get stung by sarcasm
You – take on all players so as not to appear weak

A lifetime of arguments and judgments and comments.
Filled to the brim with no regard for our special moments.
Us – totally exhausted by the two-faced contention
Them – caught up in the notion that they are more important

We all know what we don’t want.
Nobody knows the best way forward.
Then she speaks up, and with a loving manor,
tells us all to ‘shut the hell up’ and follow the speaking rules.

What we seem to be arguing about is someone else’s opinion.
This was precious, precious time we will never get back.
I – apologizing for the way I acted.
You – apologizing because I got so upset…..

And then it starts all over again.
You just can’t be sorry for your own actions, can you? 
The Mutual Benefit Formula equals sincere me and interested you
plus interested me and sincere you, every time we meet.

Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

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