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Letters I never meant to make words with, but did

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Some things are better left unsaid.
It’s thinking them that is not forbidden.
Here are some thoughts many of us have felt but did not have the timing or the nerve to tell to our chosen adversary:

1.   That idea was beautifully expressed from your empty head.
2.   Our time together has been real. It’s been fun, just not valuable.
3.   Still asking myself why you are such a curmudgeon.
4.   Not caring, but still very curious.
5.   Are you allergic to calm?
6.   Cherished?  Selfish?  Both describe your actions.
7.   We’ve spent too much time already listening to me pretend that I care.
8.   I could be your personal assistant and quit on the first day, too.
9.   Let’s make sure you have dinner so none of the staff is poached for supper.
10. There is always room at the top . . .  of your list of inadequacies.
11. You’ve changed your hair and face and. . .  your name!
12. No one can soar without wings, unless falling like a rock counts.
13. I love you and your passive aggressive silence.
14. Who needs a position when that’s all your left with?
15.  You can’t be number one when no one is counting!
16. I am free and we are not related, and that should be all that matters.
17. I can’t seem to speak with your thoughts coming out.
18. I love it when my opinion comes rolling in from the head honcho.
19. My wave of success does not raise your whaling boat.
20. All your unwanted guidance has invigorated my time of the month.
21. You’ve got kids.  Do they ask *you* for advice?
22. My first impulse is to get the hell out and hang with someone who cares how I feel.
23. You stopped asking in 1976. I stopped caring in 1974.
24. Now that you see what’s growing in the garden, water it or fly away.
25. I got all the “nutrients” I can till for a lifetime of memories.
26. You just do your thing until you’re ready to ask me something.

Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

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