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Do your job? First, KNOW your job.

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By Lawrence J. J. Leonard

A person of some notoriety in the news,
infamous for cheating at American football,
supposedly uttered the following phrase to inspire a group of overpaid athletes:
Do your job.”

Since this is all over the Internet, it is NOW OFFICIAL: 
the cart is definitely before this horse.

Why demand that a job be done when the desire to do it ethically is not fully developed or worse, non-existent?

 It is necessary to “KNOW YOUR JOB” first in order to deliver a Great Customer Experience.

If there is:

  • a lack of ethics training for each and every Team Member,
  • a lack of enthusiasm for the Corporate Goals,
  • a lack of transparency by the Board Trustees and/or Leadership Team,
  • a lack of leadership to encourage and motivate Customer Service,
  • a lack of interest in supporting the organization’s Mission Statement


Successful leaders who say “KNOW YOUR JOB” are empowered because they:
ENGAGE employees through training and mentoring and ASKING QUESTIONS about their perspective;
COMPLETE each Project Task List the same as any a good habit;
CONSULT an expert or a colleague when in doubt or facing an operations obstacle;
COMMUNICATE to each INTERNAL and EXTERNAL customer with genuine concern;
REMEMBER that details, the little things, make a Customer Experience great;
FOLLOW THROUGH each step in their Marketing/ Communications/ Sales plan, and then FOLLOW UP;
REPRESENT the organization in their Personal Lives and through their Public Activities.

We may only get one nomination for an achievement award in our careers.

Only a few people will give us a chance to make a good second impression. 

Every day we encounter concerns and problems and misunderstandings that really are opportunities
for our customers to be satisfied and delighted if we desire to resolve them as Brand Champions.


Copyright © 1960-2016 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

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