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Identity Crisis

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By Lawrence J. J. Leonard

I dent a “T” so that it becomes an “I”.
I’d end a tea – my own reason why.
My identity I decry!

Common construction.
Gender expression.
Code switching for speech and language.

Dialect, accent,
behaviors augment.
Sociocultural Savage.

This conversation,
Gender Extinction,
a new paradigm and new toys.

“We are not gods. We
are not men. We are
not making claims – are only boys.” *

Mr. or Mrs.?
Master or Misses?
Mx.?  Gender binary or spurn?

“A Transformer man.
A Trans. Former man.
Sooner, later, you’ll have to learn.” **

We’re hung up on sex
and beguiled by race.
Our focus enslaved, transfixed.

Transpose the transcript.
Transplant, then conscript
the pillars that held us unmixed.

Transduced at last, the
Emoji can cast:
“I need more than green or yellow.”

Transfer transgression.
Transmit the new mission:
“Transcend this transparent duello.”

All this to feel free
in the Land of Liberty,
pretending it’s all done for love.

Life burns way too fast.
Troubles can’t pass when
we’ve left out the One up above.

Translation – android,
we hoped to avoid.
We’ve transfused that into our lust.

When the machines take
over, above the
clover, they’ll sprinkle our transgendered dust.

I dent a “T” so that it becomes an “I”.
I’d end a tea – my own reason why.
My identity will soon die!

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

*   “Conversation” by Gary Numan, The Pleasure Principle , Sept 25,1979

**  “Transformer Man” by Neil Young, Trans, December 29, 1982


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