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AutoAmerican defined

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Destined to show the results of dedicated effort.
Forced to choose the devil I know.
Expected to conform to all posted signs.

Drunk on hard work and success dreams.
Ready to throw down a pop-n-lock move on a bass note.
Cooking up plans to celebrate my state of grace.

Highly marketed by Internet ads.
Amused by Television commercials of late.
Persuaded by the consequences of doing the Right Thing.

Hungering for companionship of like minded individuals.
Thirsty for a cool draught of common sense.
Hiding from unnecessary ridicule because it stings.

Praying for the safety of those I love and those I don’t.
Motivated  through the Word of G_d.
Hoping for harmony with my neighbor.

Angered by the carelessness of selfish drivers.
Excited by the prospect of all green lights roads.
Confused by the mercurial price of gasoline.

Medicated with hot tea and honey.
Resolved to conduct all transactions with transparency.
Struggling with eating my pain.

Fueled by grass-fed beef, free-range fowl, venison, and fish.
Striving to be an example of good living.
Sweating to the beat of a Zen Master exercise guru.

Protected by servicemembers of the U.S. Military
Loyal to the core and to the Marine Corps.
Confident in America but not her political system.

Underpaid by the man and his system.
Overheard explaining that “cat loyalty” means “following the rules.”
Singularly in tune with fact that this Earth is not our home.

Hot for the person who is as smart as is good looking.
Warm to the idea that intimacy means sharing honesty.
Cool to the touch.

Blue blooded hockey fan.
Red faced for my football team’s losses.
Cold blooded realist when business is business.

Just a regular, gung-ho, flag waiving, dyed in the wool, no nonsense,
trustworthy, get to the point, continue to kick ass, baseball loving,
chef quality cooking, family protecting, atmosphere conjuring,
best friend and compadre one could ever want or have.

P.S.  I will always love Deborah Ann “Debbie” Harry

Click here to jam to Blondie’s AUTOAMERICAN hit: “Rapture”

Deborah Harry

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

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