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What did we do before TV?

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Let me tell you all about the time
we had an invention called the wireless.
It was just as different as a Satellite transmission is to Cable.
The signals went everywhere.
All you needed was a tube circuit converter.

The inventors used an electric box to communicate with their voices.
People who were heard on this device were articulate.
Thinkers and crystal radio builders were called Wizards and Nerds.
Many heard the radio Hosts “turn phrases” and “speak eloquently.”
Entertainment became the gigolo of Virgin electronic power.

This was the time of the Transistor and the Radio Personality.
A broadcast from a far-away land gave us the Special Correspondent..
The people of Earth grew closer together.
Foreign countries did not seem so distant.
We learned that people were people everywhere.

Each audience began to listen for our elected leaders to calm fears,
while entertainers used word play to portray our strife and grief and joys.
Technicians evolved into Broadcast News men, and.
companies learned that product sales increased with sponsorship.
In due course, advertising dollars overtook the Human voice and the medium.

But much more quickly, this cancerous payola scheme infected Television.
With TV, life was much more immediate.
Film with audio was the recipe for TV magic.
Only good looking Radio personalities could migrate to Neverland.
Cosmetic advertising.inundated the smart women of Earth. 

We were blinded by consumerism which valued aesthetics and youth.
We were cajoled to look and smell like everyone else.
We were bombarded with a perennial last chance to join “The Have’s.”
We were assaulted with videos of It Girl, Smoking Cowboy and The Bomb.
We have been duped.

I could tell you all about the time
we had an invention called the wireless,
but that Android and that i-Thing currently claim this title.

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

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