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Turn to ash

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard
Crying foul. 
Complaining about conditions.
So misunderstood.
Too much pressure for you.

 And you think a fill in the blank is the cure?

You want help.
Have you listened to yourself?
Look at what you choose to do.
I am watching you turn to ash.
Here is a choice: Change your ATTITUDE.
I will not interfere with your choices.
I will make sure everyone respects your choices
while I watch you turn to ash.
Have you cheated me out of time with you?
Have you had the best money could buy?
Have you decided that YOU know more?
Didn’t you get sick because of those choices?
Are you ready to go there again?
Crying in helplessness. 
Complaining while being distracted.
No hope for understanding.
Too much pressure for us.
Still think one size fits all?

You want help
so listen to your body.
Look at what you do to it.
I am watching you turn to ash.
Here is a new habit: Believe in something greater than yourself.

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

Author: SpindoctorUSA

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