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Before the accident

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Always on the run
Taking time to eat while standing on two feet
Telling, screaming, more like drone
to that assistant on the phone
The calendar gets full
when more cancellations rule.

Never a moment’s rest
Always serve the best
Every little step to make it work
not appreciated by that jerk
When is a holiday not a holiday
Each and every sunrise when you say what you say.

Planning to appear
“Smile for the camera, dear.”
I see it on your face
that distance lives in our new place.
I called the decorators but they want cash
No problem. This love is burning fast.

I see you for what you are, but I am running, running on.
I wish I had the time but I’m married to the grind.
Feel important with a pat on the back
but neglected to tell you that
this isn’t where I want to be.

courting disloyalty
courting rivals
courting the devil and all those money mongers

Ask me if I want to dance with you.
Ask me to ask you to dance

The revolution is a new business cycle
Leaving it takes a miracle
I don’t want to die with the most toys.
Let’s talk about making girls and boys.
Our life should be more important.
So, it is.

All these things I should have said before the accident.
Now my therapist smiles and pulls my arms and legs.
I am so tired of walking.
I want to try again. I want you to tell me it’s not too late.
Got to move my lips and cheeks and throat
and tell you how important you are to me.
“Gaaa.” (drool)     “Mmm.” (sigh)

Tell my daughter, tell my son.
Not to do what I have not done.

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved

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