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The Power of X

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Where does ‘X’ get its charisma?
From its mysterious nature,
film industry spookiness, or
the mathematical power of the Sumerians?

We experience the X or “it” as personal magnetism or
natural magnetic force or
dynamic energy.

On the other hand, Jock Ewing, the storied billionaire from the TV drama Dallas pointedly told his youngest son, Bobby, the following adage:
Real power you take.”

What we know with true clarity is that our very interesting “X” is a power broker.
It takes no issue with expression itself.
It only expresses the value we assign it.
For your consideration, I have listed here some
values of X
which are part of popular Earth words and phrases:

  • 2 X 4   (Two by Four = lumber – a wooden stud measuring 2-inches high, 4-inches wide, 6-feet long)
  • 4 X 4   (Four by Four = truck with four-wheel drive)
  • 5 X 5   (Five by Five = best possible signal-to-noise ratio)
  • A sub-X   —   AX
  • As X approaches Zero   —    X ->0
  • Bell X-1 Transonic Rocket Plane
  • Cosmic x-rays
  • Cygnus X
  • Excalibur
  • Exit
  • Heard it on the X
  • INXS (Australian rock band fronted by vocalist Michael Hutchence)
  • (The) Letter X
  • Madame X  (1929 film)
  • Malcolm X
  • Merry Xmas!
  • MXC  (Roman numerals =  1,090)
  • “My Ex”
  • Os X
  • pix (abbreviation for pixels / pictures)
  • Racer X  (from” Speed Racer” animated show – btw Speed’s brother)
  • Rx  (prescription)
  • RxR  (railroad tracks)
  • Sign with your ‘X’
  • Solve for x (Mathematics)
  • Space X (Space Exploration Technologies Corporation, a California aerospace manufacturer and space transport services company )
  • SXSW (South by Southwest – the annual Austin, Texas, conglomerate of film, interactive media, and music festivals and conferences)
  • Team Xtina  (a la The Voice TV show)
  • The coefficient of X is α    —    αX
  • The man from Planet X  (1951 film)
  • The man with the X-Ray eyes  (1963 film)
  • The X-Files
  • Woman X  (2002 film)
  • X (the band)
  • X Factor
  • X Games
  • X marks the spot
  • X O X  (kiss – hug – kiss)
  •  (open source implementation of X Window System)
  • X = Y
  • Xbox 360
  • XGEN Radio
  • X-men
  • X-ray or CAT scan?
  • Xs and Os (American football)
  • X-squared   —  X2
  • XX  (Cerveza Dos Equis)
  • XX XY and also XXY and XYY  (chromosomes)
  • XXX  (moonshine – corn squeezins)
  • Xzibit (Alvin Nathaniel Joiner, an American rapper and actor)

Next, I expect that we can explore these sentiments in another form.
Flex before you exit!

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved

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