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I heard you say it

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

In your sleep, where lover’s dream,
there was a secret scheme unfolding
as you lifted your arms
embraced your intended
and you puckered for a kiss.

Soon to awaken and show some worry,
whispering I may not have rested well.
You touched my cheek,
gladly jogged to the kitchen
where you cooked our morning feast.

The humming started, the smiles arose,
just as if you’d been rewarded.
My only thought was self-directed.
I thought I would lose you
to a powerful attraction.

I ate in silence but you noticed
it was you who did all the talking.
I couldn’t take it, my mind clouded.
Hear my confession, what I heard and saw.
You embraced another in your sleep.

You couldn’t remember the fantasy
which drove your arms to raise
or your lips to pucker.
To my embarrassment,
I was reminded

that every morning, when I call your name,
your first reaction
is to reach out
and embrace me with a kiss.
Why, this morning, did I hesitate?

“I heard you say my name.
I heard you say it.
I reached out to hold you near.
You hesitated.
So I kissed the air.”

Sometimes I wonder how lucky I am.
Sometimes I screw up the tiniest things.
Sometimes I have to be reminded,
and not as often as last year.
I’m getting better.

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved

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