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Team Leaders Need Kinetic Energy

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

You are judged by your management style,
by your looks,
and by the pecking order.

So what?

You are paid on performance.  How you perform as a human being is not a soft skill. It is measureable. Ordering around your direct reports is measurable, too. Expect to be appreciated by nobody.  Without people skills your value is zero to the company, to your colleagues, to the bottom line.  You need kinetic energy.

If you have not paid your dues, not yet eaten humble pie, or gotten into a fight because you made someone in your office “feel uncomfortable,” chances are you are about to get a pink slip.  You may be fortunate to have a long list of trainings and sessions with Human Resources on why your department has a high turnover or consistently underperforms.  Maybe nobody likes you? You need kinetic energy.

People don’t buy from those they don’t like.  Do you?  Of course not. Stop acting as a hypocrite and start serving your team.  Be the shield for the murmuring and be the blade that cuts off the budget attacks. Be the shine from your team’s loyalty.  What is team loyalty?

It starts with kinetic energy.  You have to get out of your seat and move your intentions with just as much effort as you wrangle your keister when it’s time to eat. You have to consciously use impeccable manners and be genuinely thankful for the work you observe because you may not always be found at your desk in email mode.

Here is how 21st Century leaders use kinetic energy to become successful:

1. Change the terms. A situation is profitable or unprofitable by how much you engage.
Do not delegate a task you can solve with a phone call or an email
or a visit to the gatekeeper.

2. Trust your team to pull their weight. Not everybody lifts as much or as highly as you do. Thank your team members in front of the people you get thanked by and show off your team.

3. Riddle me this: How do you know when you are succeeding?  When you fail. Making mistakes is part of the process to become efficient.
Go where they make their mistakes. Listen.

4. Failure to plan… blah blah blah. Want to win? Show and tell your team how it can be done. Let them ask questions. Answer honestly.
Make adjustments for pride in ownership.

5. Ask them what they don’t like.  Everybody knows what they don’t like. It’s true.  Get the best feedback by letting them tell YOU what needs to be fixed.
Get the fixes done before work.

6. Communication 101 – You say something. It is received as something. It means nothing.  Explain requirements. Explain mission. Explain costs.
Explain it again. It will all mean something.

7. There is no ‘they’ in Team.  Every person on your team is an “I” and needs to be recognized.  Flex your legs. Stretch out your hand. Go where they work.
Invite them to your meeting. Ask for their advice. Promote the ‘us’ in your Team.

Kinetic energy in an information society is about using your voice, your hands, your meeting times, your charts & graphs, and your time. If all you do is tell people what to do and have them report to you, just remember there is a programmable android that is learning how to do that.  It will be ready to take over your job before you deicide it’s time to get a handle on team issues.

Want to be a leader? 

Get up and move your team’s hearts and minds.

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard All rights reserved.

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