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You’re a what?

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Some day, long past 2016 B.C.E., you will look back and say I was a ______.
Enjoy the spotlight because this is who you are, America.

No matter where you stand, the opposition and those TV production hacks will label you as sheeple by supporting a chosen candidate. Are there enough criminals inside the beltway, or can we add just one more?

Candidates for President –  your followers are so tagged here:

Democrats ——-
Lincoln Chaffe – Chafers

Bernie Sanders – Auburns

Hillary Clinton – Clintonians (she has her own moniker, thank you)

Joe Biden – JoeBz


Republicans ——-
Marco Rubio – Rubicons  (my favorite)

Donald Trump – Trumpsters

Jeb Bush – Jebusites

Carly Fiorina – Carlistas (Girl power!)

Chris Christie – Hug-a-Bugs (al la Dallas Cowboys)

Mike Huckabee – Arkanz

Chris Hill – Hill-raisers

Rick Santorum – Santor’s Helpers

Bobby Jindal – Jindalmen; Jindalwomen

Rand Paul – Wild Catters

Rick Perry – Periwinckles

Scott Walker – Scotties

Dr. Ben Carson – Benjamites

Ted Cruz – Cruzers


Independents ——-
Robert Dionisio – Recyclers

David Boarman  – Boars Heads

Art Drew – Drew Crew

Lynn Sandra Kahn – Insiders (both sides of the road?)


Libertarians ——-
Joy Waymire – The Fire

Steve Kerbel – Liberty Bells

Marc Feldman – Sharks

Good luck.
And G_d bless us, every one!

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

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