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Sabrina The Teenaged Mix

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard, 2003

(in Haiku below)

We went to the animal shelter,
and Sabrina looked off into the distance.
Her sister, a black and tanned spayed
‘inside’ dog, was barking up a storm.

Sabrina was quiet, and oblivious to all the
other noisy cages. The dog keeper said,
“Sabrina will be a good dog!

So, we got Sabrina out of her cage.
She walked around and let us pet her belly.
“Can we take her home?” we asked.

And we did, eventually, after all the
surgeries, and drugs, and flea dip, and fees.
Sabrina threw up in the car.

She barked at everyone in the family but let us pet her.  
Sabrina eventually was not afraid.
Her soul ensnared us.

Her love and protection and devotion and smiles are timeless.
Sabrina is seven in human years? 
Now she lives in a human shelter.


…All dogs go to heaven… (1999-2014) ❤


in Haiku

Animal shelter, 
Sabrina in the distance,
her sister barking.

She oblivious.
So many noisy cages,
Keeper said, “Good dog!

Sabrina uncaged,
she let us pet her belly.
“Can we take her home?” 

Eventually, yes…
Surgeries, drugs and flea dip. 
Throw-up in the car.

Barked at everyone.  
Eventually not afraid.
Our souls were ensnared.

Love and protection,
Timeless devotion and smiles.
Endless affection.

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

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