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PHYSICS: Where we all go (Time)

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard, 1990

Time does not go by.
We go through time.

Time is not fleeting.
It stands still.

It only marks where we are
with the stars
not how we feel in our hearts.

Children live one day at a time.
Adults live for a future.

All we have to show for love’s sake
is today.
Let’s love each other now.

Love gives force its power.
There is no power without love.

Love is wanting to understand.
Yearning is the key to the power.

What causes order in this circumstance?
Being present in the here and now.

Understanding generates truth and resolve.
Love generates compassion.
Power generates participation.

Relationships are simultaneous parallels.
Relationships are parallel simultaneities.

The human mind is a receptacle
which attempts to heal itself.

We are phosphate-based mechanisms
reprogrammed by other phosphate-based mechanisms.
Humans are transmutative.

We are dreaming of a pure and valuable life
while living the dream in borrowed clothes.

Smells are memories.
Ideas and feelings are music.

Fundamental concepts are proven
through trial
and personal tribulations.

Now, theoretical models and beauty
are both objects we can touch.

It was the same for us on Mars.

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

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