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Texas Computer Terms

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These were 19th Century Texas words way before they were ever computer terms.

by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

CHIPS:               What you step in when the cows are in the pasture.
CLICK:               The sound a gun makes when you cock the hammer.
ENTER:              How Yankees say, “Come on in!

 HARD DRIVE:    Making your way home during a thunderstorm.
KEYBOARD:      The place we hang the keys.
LAP TOP:           Where your mouser (cat) falls asleep
LOG ON:             Makes the woodstove hot.
MAINFRAME:     Holds up the front barn wall.
MICRO CHIPS:   Pieces at the bottom of the Pringle’s can.
MODEM:             What you just did to the hay fields.
MONITOR:         The USS ironclad ship that defeated the CSS Merrimac (The Virginia).
MOUSE:             Eats your stored up grain
NETWORK:        Repairing a hole in your fishing net
PORT:                Fancy wine used in cooking a roast.
RAM:                  The log splitting helper
SERVER:           A person who puts food on your plate
WINDOWS:        You open these when there’s a breeze.

Y’all have a really good day, now.  ❤

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

Author: SpindoctorUSA

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  1. This is great!


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