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ADVICE: A leaven

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Reminders are just that.

1. Feel like something is missing?
Maybe it’s not working because we are filling the void with:
• Detached humor
• Sarcasm
• Food
• Shopping
• Religion
• Drugs
• Work

Everybody is without something. Be forgiving.

2. Single living is not being alone – is not being lonely.
Give yourself some space to be yourself in that space.
If you want to be with people,
go to places where they are.
You have something to give  — your extraordinary perspective.

3. Professional musicians get paid because they love to practice.
Professional magicians get paid because they live to practice.
Only amateurs say ‘can’t.’
Amateurs don’t practice.
Practicing what I love is a habit.

4. Sometimes the best thing we can do is the least thing we can do.
I can be:
• An Associate
• A Pal
• A Shoulder
• A Neutral party.

This is a great way to support and positively influence.

5. It is okay to make a mistake.  It is not okay to act like it did not happen.
Apologize. Say sorry. Beg forgiveness.
These are the types of words that build bridges.
These are always the right words to say.

6. Feeling a little bit lazy?
Maybe it’s not such a burden if all you want to do is sleep.
Go ahead and take a nap.
When I wake up, I know that nobody will live my life for me. 
Only I can do that.

7. A penny saved is a penny saved.
A penny invested is a penny invested.
A penny saved or invested with no end goal is still just one penny.
Make money earn its keep.
There are safe ways to invest.

8. What to do today?
Walk on air?
Walk on water?
Walk on the sun?
Walk on.

9. I look at my world.
Even if it’s difficult coming to terms with what’s going on here.
I can make it better
just by giving myself the right to be in it.

10. Earth is the same as it ever was.
Nothing changes but me.
Really want to potty train again?
Embrace change.
We help others through our being the good example.

11. Love is not a commodity.
It can be a smile or a present.
It can be a gesture, a tip, or words of encouragement.
It exists because it is a one-way activity.
Love becomes precious only when I give it away.

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

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