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1. The ancient Egyptians had them.  Mostly outdoors.  We Texans like ’em indoors.  What are they?

2. Surveys say that in a lifetime, a man will do this about a thousand times more often than the average woman. What do they do?

3. Some kinds of THESE things weigh 30 pounds.  What are they?

4. A full 12% of men say they’ve done this for special occasions.  They’ve probably learned that women are generally unimpressed by it. What is it?

5. French researchers have just concluded – after years of study – that THIS is the best way to wake up a penguin. Name it.

6. The Grand Turk is perhaps the most familiar-looking ship in the world.  Where can you see it?

7. About 25% of all office workers have one of these.  The second shift supervisor is happy he’s going to have one.  What is it?

8. As most of us know, the vowels are a,e,i,o, and u.  There are only five words in our language that use them all — in that order. Can you name one?


  1. Bowling alleys
  1. Weigh himself
  1. Seeds (The seed of the Lodoicea seychellarum palm weighs 30 pounds.)
  1. Face painting for sports events
  1. Rub its feet
  1. On a bottle of Old Spice
  1. An office door
  1. Pick one: abstemious, abstentious, arsenious, arteriosus, facetious

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