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You are not my relative!

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

You are not my relative!
You smell, and you kill randomly.
You use sex in exchange for intangibles – personal gratification.
“Admirable traits” for the sake of genetic engineering, and creative film art.


Try to survive with any of those in your hip pocket!

You groom your family for money.
You think we have lived longer than you.  But, you cannot even explain why the mighty pyramid ceilings have no carbon deposits or charring made from burning torches.

You cannot even find the so-called “Adam” in your own fossil record.

Living in the trees is not all bad. 
The occasional walking stick or preying mantis is just not that interested
in sharing a limb. 
Oh, and there are no ants up there, either.

Why are you so damn interested in searching for a common ancestor when your society does not respect your oldest members?
And some of them are pirating the abundance off the backs of your poorest tax payers.

I like my fur!  Funny how you always crave what the other one has.
But, I do not crave to be so hairless and bald.

In my wildest dreams,
I don’t think that knowing all you know about food, music, and —
God, that we would run the world as poorly as you do.

I am tired of berating you.

Great Ape

P.S. The world gets colder, then warmer, then colder.

Even solar systems have seasons.
There is so much about astronomy that you don’t understand because you stopped looking at the stars and interpreting their meanings, and looked instead at another opportunity to colonize and spread your government.

 And, no, a banana is not my thing. 
I like grubs. 
They are higher in protein and don’t leave that over-priced-hormone-injected-steak-flavor in your mouth after you’ve had a dozen, or so.

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

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