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Toast with champagne or with butter – Round One

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard 

Before you sink your next shot, say one of these to improve the flavor. Cheers!

  1. Love and get ‘liked.’
  2. Good engines turn over. Great engines turn it up.
  3. Let’s be honest. This is all wet.
  4. First rule of coincidences: There are no coincidences.
  5. Get what you want. Take what you need.
  6. Desire is strong.  Love is stronger.
  7. You’re welcome!
  8. AC your DC. (Recharge your batteries.)
  9. Put your lips together after this.
  10. Right now is G_d’s way of saying, shutup!
  11. To feet above ground.
  12. Altitude. Latitude. Platitude. Gratitude.
  13. Make it — but make it good.
  14. Trying is Good. Winning is Better.
  15. Make a difference! Subtract.
  16. To really good paper towels — Multiply.
  17. To Streams on Earth NOT Online.
  18. For the one who wants it most.
  19. Learn more – Read more
  20. Trust your feelings but use your logic.
  21. Give Love.
  22. Having pain is in the brain. Being a pain is in the butt.
  23. Don’t mix your wit with nit.
  24. How good it gets is up to us.
  25. Gas. Pass it on.

Hope it’s really good wine!

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

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