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The ‘Wood Knot’ conundrum

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One morning, old man Barney decides a parrot would be a good companion for the coming winter months. so, he planned on purchasing one. 
The next day, Barney visits Clara the Carpenter, and asks if he can buy her parrot.
She says ‘yes.’ 

She also sells him a maple wood perch and a red wood cage for the bird’s home.
Barney insists that Clara guarantee the parrot will speak.
She assures Barney that it will.

Barney takes the parrot home.
The next morning, he returns disappointed.
“The parrot doesn’t talk, you silly woman.”
“Do you have an oak mirror?”
“THIS parrot needs an OAK mirror.
Buy an oak mirror or bring it back.”
So Barney buys an oak mirror from the frustrated carpenter.

Another night passes and Barney returns again.
“The parrot still doesn’t talk, you con artist.”
“Do you have a mahogany swing?”
“THIS parrot needs an MAHOGANY swing.
Buy an mahogany swing or bring it back.”
So he buys a mahogany swing from the upset carpenter.

The third night passes, and Barney is furious!
That morning he brings back the parrot to Clara.
“The parrot finally spoke up!”
“Oh, really! What DID it say?
“It said: ‘This parrot needs food.'”

Barney would not focus on the basics.
If you focus on the needs of your team, and not your needs,
then your plans can be fulfilled.

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.


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