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The ‘Wood Knot’ conundrum

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Who knows best, the previous leader or the current one?

One morning, up-and coming entrepreneur Barney decides a parrot
would be a good companion for the coming winter months.

He plans on purchasing one just like his boss has. The next day, Barney visits old family friend Clara the Carpenter. 
He asks her if he can buy her parrot, Go-Go.
She says yes

She also sells Barney a maple wood perch and a red wood cage for the bird’s home.
Barney insists that Clara guarantee the parrot will speak.
She assures Barney that it will.


Barney takes the parrot home.
The next morning, he returns to Clara’s and he is disappointed.
“Go-Go doesn’t say anything. He just makes gurgle sounds.”

She thinks for a moment, “do you have an oak mirror?”
“No,” he says impatiently.
“Well, THIS parrot should have an oak mirror. I’ll sell you one and he’ll start talking.”

Barney heads home and
puts the mirror in the cage.

All night the parrot only chirped.
Barney returned again to confront Clara. “Your parrot only chirps.”

Clara studies Barney, “Do you talk to Go-Go?”
“Yes, of course.”
“Well, THIS parrot should have an mahogany swing. I will sell you the swing and he’ll chat you up.”

Barney buys the mahogany swing and runs home to put it in the cage.

In a matter of seconds, Go-Go begins to speak, “my cage is crowded with décor, but THIS parrot needs  food.”

  1. Barney would not focus on the basics.
  2. Barney would not anticipate Go-Go’s requirements.
  3. Barney assumed that the previous owner/ leader would know better than he did.

Ask questions of everyone involved.  Summarize the wants and needs. Plan to meet those needs. Implement the plan.

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.


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