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PHYSICS: Why Am I Here? (It’s in our DNA)

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard, 2012

Why am I here on Earth?
This question demands an explanation of what happened and what will happen.
All action starts with a “Go!” command.

Consider this expression: 2 + 2 = 4.
Notice the Equals Sign.
So, what?
The Equals Sign does not guarantee
that the numbers before it or after it are true.

The Equals Sign ONLY has meaning
when the “Go!” command is given.
In this case: Go and solve it!
When we Solve it we consider what happened.
In this case ‘+’ means add ,
and then we consider what will happen.
‘=’ means the same.
Next, we accept this expression an equation.
All mathematical expressions equate to something!
we conclude that the equation is either ‘correct’ or ‘deficient.’
It is a logical syllogism.
We all have a mission. 
It is in our DNA.
This is why some struggle with art
yet understand the mysteries of mathematics.
Some struggle with nurturing,
yet excel in business.
Some struggle with physical movement,
yet work as great scientists.
And, some, well . . . they just struggle.
Do we go and do good to those who do not ‘add up’
as they are supposed to?
Wait! There are TWO sides to this Equals Sign.
It is frustrating to encounter people who:

  • Never get sick;
  • Always have more;
  • Never know pain;
  • Always fit in;
  • Never work hard;
  • Always get what they want!

 So, what?
You will die trying to account for AND compete with
the ‘always’ and ‘nevers’ of this Earth.
There are too many on TV, Films, DVDs, Magazines,
and the Internet.
The weight of envy will crush you.
So, why am I here?
To become something more than just the sum of my parts.
To accept good as my guide.
To equate my thinking with doing good works.
To conclude that I must choose to do good, and then
This ability is in my DNA, too.

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.


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