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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard, 2009

When I heard you were coming over for the first time,
I hope you didn’t notice how nervous I was.
So many days before, there were dreams and then a sign.
And everywhere I looked, I imagined you and me.
Your mama may have told you not to hurry, or be the first to call.
But, thoughts of your smile began to surround me.
I was surrounded by what I hoped to be
Happy thoughts for you and me.
I was surrounded .  Joy for you and joy for me
Making a way together
Your first Birthday arrived to everybody’s cheer.
I hope you can forgive us, at times we’re rowdy.
Even Grandpa Del anxious and excited.
It’s a blessing to behold a happy baby.
I hung up all the photographs that I’d taken all year
And made a picture wall.  Isn’t that crazy?
The calendar fluttered and you were walking a fine line
between a giggly girl and a very sweet young lady.
Glasses, braces, Barbie dolls, and tea time.
Contacts, high heels, i-pods and concerts until midnight
Yay! The Christmas factory moved  closer to us
so we don’t have pay delivery charges.
Time surrounds us but we never get enough.
Rules protect us daily, testing what we’re made of.
I pray each day you sing and laugh and  in the wind you bend.
When you have your children please bring them to visit me.
You will always be our little girl
Just know how proud of you we are..
College can be a lot of fun, if you lend an ear.
And though you’re far away, use your time wisely.
Every summer me and Mom will bring you home
and carry boxes and books and clothes.

I heard you were coming over for the first time.

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

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