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Vote – only one time, please – as yourself

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Let’s agree

Every administration, Republican President- Democratic-controlled Congress
AND Democrat President- Republican-controlled Congress:

  • Raises the minimum wage
  • Spends tax dollars on disease research
  • Uses “war” to spur the economy
  • Spends our tax dollars to build their presidential campaigns.
  • Gives themselves unearned raises in salary.

Crime prevention has NOTHING to do with real safety.
Remember that 100,000 new police officers we funded?
They couldn’t cover the Greater Los Angeles area 24-hours a-day and be effective.

Divide that magic number by 50 states and 200,000 cities.
Lowered crime? – please!

What about the crime of voter fraud?

What we have are only federal grants wrapped up in tirades on crime
and NO REAL measured action.
But we’ll take the money – as a state grant, for parity’s sake..

And please don’t politicize crime. That cheapens life!

There is no economic parity.
Government cannot pass laws to guaranty fairness – that is why it raises taxes. 

There is no legislative parity.
Why is murder – already on the books – not considered hate?

There is no religious parity.
Why is G_d feared and persecuted throughout our public schools?

There is no judicial parity.
Why does the Supreme Court continue to meddle with the US Constitution?

There is no representational parity.
Why is there so much pork-barrel spending by Senators and Congressional reps
for THEIR OWN states?

Because human beings are flawed,
and so are their governments without oversight,.
and the people who serve political agendas and not their constituents,
and the companies that support their self interests,
and the public servants who use their political power selfishly.

There are only two ways to freedom.

  1. Believe in a higher power who loves above all else.
  2. Register to vote. Then vote – only one time, please – as yourself.

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

Author: SpindoctorUSA

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