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If I were home

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard, 1999

If I were home, I would be waking up
to your chilly hands and toes,
A clock radio that says I’m late for work,
and a fan that doesn’t blow,
the kids off to school, a kiss good-bye
then it’s job number two,
Boss man Rick would call in sick,
then I’d be a one-man crew.

The truck would stall every time I haul
stacks of wood in rows,
That’s okay for me, for a ’63,
I’m glad at least it goes.
I’d get back late where you still wait
with a love that’s ever true,
Your memory’s too strong for me,
that’s why I’m coming back to you.

I buckle up
Take out the Key
Crank it up
Put it in “D”

I’ve been down this road,
but taken some wrong turns,
It’s plain to see, someone like me
takes a while to learn
If I were home – right now –
I wouldn’t be blue
I’ve had enough of this highway stuff
that’s why I’m coming home to you.

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

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