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PHYSICS: Why Human Machines Cannot Be

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by Lawrence J. J. Leonard

Scientists approaching the construction of humans from the machine perspective are causing the proverbial tail to wag the dog.

Human biology (as in all other living creatures) has within it an integrated system where the processing signals for activity “talk to” the other nearby organs.

Electronic circuits are by design insulated so as not to interfere with other moving parts.

To have a sentient being, the object must think and also think on its own.

Living creatures share information as part of the thinking construct. How smart a creature is can be determined by how it uses its collected knowledge that is filtered through social (not virtual) networks and emotional perspectives so as to communicate.

At no time is thinking or interacting a coefficient of the speed at which you think.

In other words,
how fast someone processes information does not make him or her more or less smart or intelligent or human.

So a faster processing chip will not give a robot a quicker route for becoming human.

Processing chips are designed for logic circuits. They are absolute, linear.

The human brain is designed for illogical reactions, unwarranted assumptions, fear, preservation, love, anger and a healthy bias that keeps the individual, well individual.

If we make high-powered robot chips en mass, they will all be the same and react the same and taste the same. Ask any McDonald’s fry cook.

Living creatures get hungry, tired, have perspective, and feel good when they want to feel good.
Living creatures know what they don’t want.
Living creatures remember the emotional context of a situation and store this memory in the part of the brain that specializes in that particular emotion.

No one will ever coin the phrase: ‘chip over matter.’ Okay, I just did. You understand what I am getting at here, right?

Computer chips see the world as 1’s and 0’s, valuable and not valuable, victor and defeated, black and white.

For humans to remain human
 we must separate ourselves from this divisive logic.

Copyright © 1960-2015 Lawrence J. J. Leonard  All rights reserved.

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