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John One (intro) Latin – English – Klingon

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In principio erat Verbvm, et Verbvm erat apvd Devm,
et Devs erat Verbvm.
Hoc erat in principio apvd Devm.

Omnia per ipsvm facta svnt:
et sine ipso factvm est nihil, qvod factvm est:
in ipso vita erat,
et vita erat lvx hominvm:
et lvx in tenebris lvcet,
et tenebrae eam non comprehendervnt.

Fvit homo missvs a Deo,
cvi nomen etat Ioannes.
Hic venit in testimonivm,
vt testimonivm perbiberet de Lvmine,
Vt onmes crederent per illvm.

Non erat ille Lvx,
de vt testimonivm perhiberet de Lvmine.

In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with G_d,
and the Word was G_d.
The same was in the beginning with G_d.

All things were made by Him,
and without Him
was made nothing that was made.
In Him was the life
and the life was the Light of men:
and the light shines in the darkness
and the darkness did not comprehend. it.

There was a man sent from G_d,
whose name was John.
This man came for a witness
to bear witness of the Light,
that all men through Him might believe.

He was not the Light,
but was to bear witness of the Light.

qaStaHvIS bI’reS mu’.
‘ej mu’ je jay’,
mu’ ‘ej qeylIS.
rap neH ghaH qeylIS bI’reS.

henmoH Hoch pong ghaH.
‘ej HurDaq ghaH
pagh ‘oH ‘e’ chenmoH.
molbogh yIn
ghaH yIn tIS loD:
‘ej qaStaHvIS darkness boch wov
‘ej wej comprehend darkness. ‘oH.

loD ngeH vo’ g_d tu’lu’.
pong yo’a’neS.
‘umwI’ Ha’ loD
wov ‘umwI’ SIQ.
vaj chaq ‘e’ luHar Hoch loD vegh ghaH.

ghaH ‘oHbe’ wov.
‘ach wov ‘umwI’ SIQ.

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